The mission of RadAdvantage is to provide the highest quality patient care in the most efficient and effective manner, by providing the latest in technology innovation and professional fulfillment to our radiologists.

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Misdiagnosis or Spectrum: Burnout Versus High Functioning Depression Disorder
Mar 29, 2017, 2:34 AM
The current focus on burnout among physicians is critical to understanding its causes and evaluating and instituting effective treatment; however, what if the diagnosis is wrong? What is considered a “normal response” to the situations physicians find themselves in today? Is a physician who has apparently “compensated” for the stresses of practice exhibiting a normal, healthy response or are they still at risk? Finally, what is the relevant differential diagnosis for the symptoms we see and…
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Clients or Customers – the Radiology Dilemma
Mar 1, 2017, 8:36 AM
In articles and at meetings, radiologists and radiology groups are told they need to make their practices and services "unique" by focusing on their "customers". These two concepts, unique and customer are at odds; at least for professionals. Many radiologists, including those in senior leadership fail to grasp an important concept: professionals do not have customers, professionals have clients. What is the difference between a customer, and a client? I would answer that in the following way:…
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Harnessing the Power of Social Media in Radiology and Healthcare
Feb 22, 2017, 7:06 AM
Over the last year we have witnessed the strength of social media and its ability to communicate, connect, empower, inspire and motivate. Radiologists, typically leaders in technology and early adoption of the new and innovative, have uncharacteristically sat on the sidelines watching the social media revolution bypass them, their practices and the profession as a whole. Radiologists need to promote themselves through effective messaging to an audience that is increasingly more digital. If its…
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RadAdvantage is the physician led organization for Imaging Advantage. We represent a growing practice of nearly 500 radiologists. The mission of RadAdvantage is to provide the highest quality patient care in the most efficient and effective manner, with the vision of becoming the provider of choice for patients, the partner of choice for health care organizations and the practice of choice for radiologists.


Satisfaction in your day-to-day professional life as well as promoting a healthy and sustainable work-time and home life balance. Professional and career advancement with opportunities in clinical practice, medical director and other administrative capacities and support for primary research. Promoting development of a collegial atmosphere and provide opportunities for easily connecting with other radiologists, technologists and clinicians.



We hold ourselves to a high moral and ethical code of conduct; from our radiologists to our executives, in motivation, thought and action.


All of our actions are guided by an uncompromising commitment to quality in the care of our patients and the services we provide to our clinical partners.

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We are committed to creating a fulfilling and engaging environment that helps our radiologists strike a balance between work and home.


We are committed to providing the most personalized and compassionate care possible to our patients. Each study or procedure represents a person and we believe that should never be forgotten.


We want to be thought leaders, not followers, in the healthcare and imaging industries. By embracing new innovations we are shaping the future of radiology to our shared vision.


400 Healthcare Facilities
26 States
500 Radiologists


  • Advanced cloud-based platform integrates disparate IT systems
  • Business and clinical algorithms match supply and demand across networks and optimize healthcare utilization


  • Real-time clinical operational and financial performance dashboards at the facility and radiologist level
  • Monthly operational & quality scorecards to facilities and radiologists
  • Industry-leading Total Quality Management (TQM) program


  • RadAdvisor clinical decision support tool to manage radiology utilization


Imaging Advantage is a leading provider of evidence-based, end-to-end technology-enhanced radiology solutions across the country. We are the recipient of the 2012 CMS Healthcare Innovation Award. If you have a passion and desire to change healthcare, join our team and be a part of the future of healthcare.

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